You Only Live Twice on BBC Radio 2
with Mark Radcliffe
Airplay by Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2 of Tracey & Jason's single You Only LIve Twice saw the DJ proclaiming it "Absolutely wonderful!". It featured on other shows, including The Music Goes Round alongside Bond classics, and the duo was interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol. Fans can download You Only Live Twice and  B-side Suddenly from  iTunes UK/Europe.
Tracey Interview on BBC Radio Bristol

Singer Tracey Kelly was the guest of  DJ Steve Yabsley at BBC Radio Bristol on 11 November, chatting about Tracey & Jason, songwriting, and her upcoming solo album. A very enjoyable interview, witty host Steve also played three Tracey & Jason tunes, including latest single Walk Into The Room.
Walk Into The Room - new single

Tracey & Jason's new single Walk Into The Room on EllaGroove Records is now available from all major sellers worldwide including iTunes UK  Amazon UK  / iTunes USA  / Amazon USA or download here.
Tracey & Jason at the acclaimed Bell Inn, Bath UK